Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Democrats Get the Keys/Eleanor Clift is an Idiot...

For the past howevermany years, the Democrat minority in congress has complained about not having power, and how the various policies of the Bush administration are destroying the country. It's seemed childish at times, in the sense that they've settled on blaming Bush for their troubles while refusing to offer any new ideas except for the assertion that whatever the Republicans are doing, they can do it better.
Like most people, when I was a teenager I wanted freedom from the rules my parents, school, etc. had imposed on me. To a kid, the freedom associated with having your own job, and getting the keys to Dad's car, etc. means're in control of your destiny, and for that, you're the coolest kid in school. However, when Dad hands over those keys, he says something about responsibility-if you're going to drive the car, if you mess it up, it's on you. This is such common sense that nobody questions it. Well, almost. James Taranto notes Eleanor Clift:

"Why should Democrats shoulder the burden of solving Bush's war when they've been left out of everything else?"--Eleanor Clift, Newsweek, Nov. 8

As of last night, the keys have been handed, in a sense, to the Democratic Party. It's not "Bush's war" anymore, if it ever even was in the first place. With power comes responsibility, and if you're not going to take responsibiliy, or if you do a poor job of it, the keys will be taken away again. Only a spoiled brat expects otherwise, Eleanor. Those of us who own the car (the American people) will be watching closely.

UPDATE: They're thinkin' along the same lines over at Hot Air. Unfortunately, there's a lot of growing up to do.


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